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Volumen 55 Número 4 Parte 0 Año 2012

Technology-Market Combinations and the Identification of Entrepreneurial Opportunities: An Investigation of the Opportunity-Individual Nexus
Denis A. Grégoire, Dean A. Shepherd
Pág. 753 - 786  

Modeling How to Grow: An Inductive Examination of Humble Leader Behaviors, Contingencies, and Outcomes
Bradley P. Owens, David R. Hekman
Pág. 787 - 818  

Building Inclusive Markets in Rural Bangladesh: How Intermediaries Work Institutional Voids
Johanna Mair, Ignasi Marti, Marc J. Ventresca
Pág. 819 - 850  

The Risks and Rewards of Speaking Up: Managerial Responses to Employee Voice
Ethan R. Burris
Pág. 851 - 876  

From Practice to Field: Multi-level Model of Practice-driven Institutional Change
Michael Smets, Tim Morris, Royston Greenwood
Pág. 877 - 904  

Chameleonic or Consistent? A Multilevel Investigation of Emotional Labor Variability and Self-monitoring
Brent A. Scott, Christopher M. Barnes, David T. Wagner
Pág. 905 - 926  

Expatriate Knowledge Transfer, Subsidiary Absorptive Capacity, and Subsidiary Performance
Yi-Ying Chang, Yaping Gong, Mike W. Peng
Pág. 927 - 948  

Generalizing Newcomer¿s Relational and Organizational Identifications: Processes and Prototypicality
David M. Sluss, Robert E. Ployhart, M. Glenn Cobb, Blake E. Ashforth
Pág. 949 - 975  

Variations in R&D Investments of Family and Non-family Firms: Behavioral Agency and Myopic Loss Aversion Perspectives
James J. Chrisman, Pankaj C. Patel
Pág. 976 - 997  

Dynamically Integrating Knowledge in Teams: Transforming Resources into Performance
Heidi K. Gardner, Francesca Gino, Bradley R. Staats
Pág. 998 - 0