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Vol.84 Num.8 Par.0 2009
Vol.84 Num.7 Par.0 2009
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22 artículos asociados 
Volumen 84 Número 8 Parte 0 Año 2009

The Development of a New Method of Knowledge Assessment: Tailoring a Test to a Doctor's Area of Practice
Dacre, Jane; Potts, Henry W.W.; Sales, David; Spencer, Hilary; Sturrock, Alison
Pág. 1003 - 1007  

Toward Meeting the Challenge of Physician Competence Assessment: The University of California, San Diego Physician Assessment and Clinical Education (PACE) Program
Norcross, William A.; Henzel, Thomas R.; Freeman, Karen; Milner-Mares, Jane; Hawkins, Richard E.
Pág. 1008 - 1014  

Do Physicians Referred for Competency Evaluations Have Underlying Cognitive Problems?
Korinek, Lauri L.; Thompson, Laetitia L.; McRae, Cynthia; Korinek, Elizabeth
Pág. 1015 - 1021  

A Universal Model of Diagnostic Reasoning
Croskerry, Pat
Pág. 1022 - 1028  

Social Network Analysis as a Method of Assessing Institutional Culture: Three Case Studies
Lurie, Stephen J.; Fogg, Thomas T.; Dozier, Ann M.
Pág. 1029 - 1035  

A Physician-Directed Intervention: Teaching and Measuring Better Informed Consent
Yap, Tsiao Yi; Yamokoski, Amy; Noll, Robert; Drotar, Dennis; Zyzanski, Steve; Kodish, Eric D.; on behalf of the Multi-site Intervention Study to Improve Consent Research Team
Pág. 1036 - 1042  

Physician Practice Change I: A Critical Review and Description of an Integrated Systems Model
Albanese, Mark; Mejicano, George; Xakellis, George; Kokotailo, Patricia
Pág. 1043 - 1055  

Physician Practice Change II: Implications of the Integrated Systems Model (ISM) for the Future of Continuing Medical Education
Albanese, Mark; Mejicano, George; Xakellis, George; Kokotailo, Patricia
Pág. 1056 - 1065  

Measurement and Correlates of Physicians' Lifelong Learning
Hojat, Mohammadreza; Veloski, J Jon; Gonnella, Joseph S.
Pág. 1066 - 1074  

Nonphysician Medical Educators: A Literature Review and Job Description Resource
Riesenberg, Lee Ann; Little, Brian W.; Wright, Vaughn
Pág. 1078 - 1088  

The Personal and Professional Impact of a Fellowship in Medical Education
Lown, Beth A.; Newman, Lori R.; Hatem, Charles J.
Pág. 1089 - 1097  

Strategies for Creating a Faculty Fellowship in Medical Education: Report of a 10-Year Experience
Hatem, Charles J.; Lown, Beth A.; Newman, Lori R.
Pág. 1098 - 1103  

Developing a Peer Assessment of Lecturing Instrument: Lessons Learned
Newman, Lori R.; Lown, Beth A.; Jones, Richard N.; Johansson, Anna; Schwartzstein, Richard M
Pág. 1104 - 1110  

Methodology and Outcomes of a Family Medicine Research Fellowship
Cronholm, Peter F.; Straton, Joseph B.; Bowman, Marjorie A.
Pág. 1111 - 1117  

Reducing Health Disparities Through a Culturally Centered Mentorship Program for Minority Faculty: The Southwest Addictions Research Group (SARG) Experience
Viets, Vanessa Lopez; Baca, Catherine; Verney, Steven P.; Venner, Kamilla; Parker, Tassy; Wallerstein, Nina
Pág. 1118 - 1126  

Procedural Competence in Internal Medicine Residents: Validity of a Central Venous Catheter Insertion Assessment Instrument
Huang, Grace C.; Newman, Lori R.; Schwartzstein, Richard M.; Clardy, Peter F.; Feller-Kopman, David; Irish, Julie T.; Smith, C Christopher
Pág. 1127 - 1134  

The Development of an Independent Rater System to Assess Residents' Competence in Invasive Procedures
Evans, Leigh V.; Morse, James L.; Hamann, Cara J.; Osborne, Michael; Lin, Zhenqiu; D'Onofrio, Gail
Pág. 1135 - 1143  

A Case Study of Medical Grand Rounds: Are We Using Effective Methods?
Van Hoof, Thomas J.; Monson, Robert J.; Majdalany, Gibran T.; Giannotti, Tierney E.; Meehan, Thomas P.
Pág. 1144 - 1151  

The Sandwich Fellowship: A Subspecialty Training Model for the Developing World
Kassam, Faazil; Damji, Karim F.; Kiage, Dan; Carruthers, Chris; Kollmann, K.H Martin
Pág. 1152 - 1160  

Further Insights Into the Roles of the Medical Educator: The Importance of Scholarly Management
Bligh, John; Brice, Julie
Pág. 1161 - 1165  

Generational Forecasting in Academic Medicine: A Unique Method of Planning for Success in the Next Two Decades
Howell, Lydia Pleotis; Joad, Jesse P.; Callahan, Edward; Servis, Gregg; Bonham, Ann C.
Pág. 985 - 993  

Factors Associated With Physicians' Reliance on Pharmaceutical Sales Representatives
Anderson, Britta L.; Silverman, Gabriel K.; Loewenstein, George F.; Zinberg, Stanley; Schulkin, Jay
Pág. 994 - 1002